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Passion Vocal Studio, founded in 2008, specialise in working with singers and speakers on their voices, by incorporating the IVA Vocal Technique. We teach vocalists from total beginners to professionals in Singapore, providing them with the right vocal training and skills to build their voices for artistic expressions.  We also teach presenters like teachers and trainers on speech projection, and how to protect their voices for longevity.

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Vocal Coach

As the Founder of Passion Vocal Studio, Alice Wong is also the main vocal coach in the studio.  She was a certified vocal instructor from Speech Level Singing (SLS) from 2009 – 2013.  She is also now a certified vocal Mentor Teacher with the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), well sought after by singers and teachers in Asia.  Together with her is Serene Low, who is now a Level 3 Instructor from IVA.  With the passion to impart good singing skills to their students, both Alice and Serene constantly attend training programmes and conferences to keep up with the latest vocal pedagogy and sharpen their teaching skills.

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Testimonials from our past students

Alice has all the qualities of an expert teacher. She has a very adept ear and has the ability to hear specific problems that are unique to each individual. You never get the feeling that you are in a cookie-cutter class, but that Alice takes the time to tailor fit the class to your needs and goals. Peace and Love.

Ryan Daniel Beck

New York Dance Choreographer / Theatre

It has been an enriching experience, to know how our voice works. Alice was able to tackle every single issue I used to face with my voice and she knows just the right technique to solve the issues one by one. And I think the IVA technique is definitely useful!

Cruyff Chua

Allied Educator

Alice is patient and perceptive. She’s able to target my weak areas and deal with them. I’m a beginner to singing but she has been a great encouragement. IVA is a ‘non-tranditional’ approach. I’ve had about ten lessons only but I have been helped. I would continue with it.

Dorothy Wong


Alice is friendly, helpful and listens to the enquiries asked. Her response reflects the deep understanding she has of singing. And I think the IVA technique is compatible with me, I have a better understanding of how to sing.

Jonathan Timothy Adi


I’ve been taught by Miss Alice Wong for about three months... I had difficulties in vocal projection and in sustaining belted notes. I had little knowledge about my vocal abilities and vocal range... ... At the later stages, I have a more stabilized chest voice to sustain my vocal projection, and have also learnt a lot from her... such as vibrato, pronunciation, diction and more. ... Good vocal techniques are indeed important for singers to know how to control their own voices to bring out the best of them.

Fym Summer

Singing Artist

After lessons with Alice, I noticed a great difference in my singing. I do not feel breathless as compared to the past and I notice that I could reach higher notes effortlessly. It has been mind blowing to be able to achieve so much as compared to lessons by other schools using a different technique. Thank you Alice. Also, the IVA Technique is really good and easy to apply. All it needs is us practicing consistently and we will be able to see the results.

Serene Low


Alice is a very patient and knowledgeable trainer. She assesses your voice and caters the training to suit your voice. This translate to a confident and easy to learn sessions which in turn quickens the progression of your voice. Just a short 3 months and I am able to feel the difference in my voice.

Norfery Ngoh

Network Engineer


Want tips for singing?  Here are some write ups by Alice, sharing from her past singing experiences, and some truths learnt from all these years of teaching.

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