Singing Workshops

Singing workshops are also available for corporate organisations, e.g. churches or singing groups.  We incorporate the IVA technique in our teaching, where topics on how our voice works, how to warm up our voice, men and women’s transition passages, etc., will be discussed.  Participants will also get to involved in demonstrations on how to use vocal exercises to project their voice, increasing vocal range, and eliminate abrupt changes in their voice when going from low to high notes.  We also have workshops teaching singers how to sing better, relating to the genre they sing.


We offer 2 types of singing workshops: (1) How Does Voice Works & Vocal Exercises, and (2) How to Sing Better.  Customised workshops can also be conducted upon request.

Duration 1.5 hours / session
No. of Attendees 10 – 30
No. of Participants for Demonstration 2 – 3 for Workshop 1; and

5 for Workshop 2

Price S$550 per session; or

S$850 for 2 sessions/day

For customised workshops, please send us an enquiry.

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Voice Lessons

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