Speech & Voice Projection

Unable to project your voice while doing a presentation? Voice became hoarse after teaching in school? Speaking monotonously or mumbling all the way till audience fell asleep? If any of these resonates with you, you need some help in the way you speak.

Speech is something we do ever since we’re young, but why is it so difficult when speaking to an audience?  The demand to speak louder with excitement for a prolong period, many a times causes voice issues and injuries like nodules, polyps, etc.  That’s why at Passion Vocal Studio, we help speakers like you to find the true colour of your voice, and teach you how to project it in a safer and more interesting tone.

So are we doctors or speech therapists?  No, we are not.  But we apply the similar vocal science and functionality for singing, into speech, helping our speakers to find their optimal speech coordination.

Speech Lessons

As each person’s voice is unique, we usually offer private speech lessons to help individuals on their speaking voices.  These classes are for speakers like teachers, trainers, sales personnel, emcees, tour guides, etc..


What you’ll learn:

  • Voice Projection
  • Your Optimal Pitch
  • Appropriate Speaking Rate
  • Breath and Muscle Balance
  • Customised Vocal Exercises

Besides private lessons, we do also voice workshops with corporate organisations, giving your team insights on how to speak louder while protecting their voice in long run.

In-Person / Online Lessons

All lessons can be held in-person in our studios, or online over Zoom.  Many teachers and artists around the world make use of online programmes like Zoom to have lessons or attend conferences.  If you’re staying far away from our studio, you just need a reliable high speed internet and a device with good microphone, to have lessons with us.

Private Lesson Fees:

Minimum no. of lessons: 2 x half-hour sessions

(Alternate week)

Price S$160

For corporate requests, please contact us for more information.

Voice Lessons

Find out more about the other voice lessons we offer in our studio.

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