Alice Wong

"The greatest joy all these years of being a vocal teacher, is to see my clients improving in their musicality and vocal ability in a healthy way. In this career, while teaching them to be better, I have also learnt many things from them, and even built great friendships with some of them. Grateful to be in this journey." -- Alice

Alice Wong

Alice Wong

Alice Wong, the founder of Passion Vocal Studio, teaches voice to both singers and speakers in-person and online via Zoom.  She specialises in English and Mandarin contemporary pop singing, and is also trained in the musical theatre genre.

In her early years, Alice had performed in different set ups such as Mandarin pop choir, events emcee and singing, local musicals, “unplugged” live singing, as well as church choir and worship leading.  With the overload of voice usage in her previous training work commitment, Alice experienced severe throat inflammation in 2007 and lost her voice.  She hence realised having a good voice technique is crucial for singers and speakers like her.  And that’s when she encountered the Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique.

Being trained in the SLS technique, Alice was certified as a SLS Instructor in 2009.  She was also the appointed Educational Advisor Group (EAG) member and Regional Representative (RR) for SLS South-East Asia in 2011 and 2012, guiding new teachers and organising vocal educational events in the region.

Now, as a certified Mentor Level Instructor from the Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA), Alice teaches singers and teachers all over the world.  With more than 19 years of teaching, she has helped many singers achieved their vocal competencies by strengthening their MIX voice in singing.  Recent years, she has also ventured into teaching non-singers in their day-to-day speech requirements in their work, helping them to ease out unnecessary strains their voice usage.

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Serene Low

Serene is a certified Level III instructor from the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).

Serene is also an advocate for good vocal health and believes that only with a correct singing technique can achieve that. She herself benefited from training in both Speech Level Singing (SLS) and IVA, before deciding to be a vocal coach in IVA.

Serene has found the passion for singing since her secondary school days and was trained in singing, song composing and keyboard accompaniment in her younger days.  She also performed on various platforms such as Min Ge Café, music school, company and outdoor events.  She currently serves as a worship leader in the church, and also gives vocal lessons to worship leaders in the children church, helping them to sing better.

With many years of experience teaching music to children from 7 to 12 years, Serene believes that children should enjoy music by bringing them through various games and singing before the musical content can be introduced to them.  She believes that everyone can sing, as long as they are being taught of a good vocal technique.

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