Alice Wong

"The greatest joy all these years of being a vocal teacher, is to see my clients improving in their musicality and vocal ability in a healthy way. In this career, while teaching them to be better, I have also learnt many things from them, and even built great friendships with some of them. Grateful to be in this journey." -- Alice

Alice Wong

Alice Wong

Alice Wong, an IVA Certified Advanced Level Vocal Instructor in Singapore.  She has started singing since she was 9, performing in school choir and dance items.  In 1995, she formalised her training by taking up singing classes in a Mandarin pop music school, and spent a year of private vocal training under English musical and classical genre.  Throughout the years, she has performed in different set ups such as Mandarin pop choir, charity shows, musicals, “unplugged” live lead singing, emceeing events, as well as church choir and worship lead.

Due to an excessive speaking workload in her previous training work, plus singing demands on her voice in church, Alice had severe throat inflammation in 2007.  That’s when she realised a good voice technique was so important for all singers and speakers to protect their voices — a crucial element to express oneself.

With that passion in her heart, Alice started training in Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique in both Singapore and Los Angeles, and was certified as a SLS Instructor in 2009.  Ever since, she has been teaching singers doing different genres, from all walks of life.  She was also the appointed Educational Advisor Group (EAG) member and Regional Representative (RR) for SLS in 2011 and 2012, organising vocal educational events for South-East Asia.

Unfortunately, illness struck in early 2013 and Alice was diagnosed with Leukaemia.  She took a year’s break from teaching, receiving treatments in hospital.  By the grace of God, 2 units of fully matched umbilical cord blood stem cells was found for her in mid-year, and the transplant process was successful.

As she recovered, Alice left SLS in 2014 and joined the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA) organization as a Certified IVA Instructor, devoting herself in more intense and all-rounded teachers education programme, to be an effective teacher.  She had also been appointed as the Area Representative for IVA in Singapore (2015-2016), responsible in guiding new teachers through their certification processes, and holding regional singing events in Singapore.  With her passion and dedication in teaching, Alice is now, a well sought after bilingual voice coach by singers and teachers in the region.


Serene Low

Serene is a certified Level II instructor from the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).

Serene is also an advocate for good vocal health and believes that only with a correct singing technique can achieve that. She herself benefited from training in both Speech Level Singing (SLS) and IVA (two years each), before deciding to be a vocal coach in IVA.

She found the passion for singing since her secondary school days and had attended singing, song composing and keyboard classes in music school.  She also performed on various platforms such as Min Ge Café, music school, company and outdoor events.  She currently serves as a worship leader in the church, and also gives vocal lessons to worship leaders in the children church, helping them to sing better.

With many years of experience teaching music to children from 7 to 12 years, Serene believes that children should enjoy music by bringing them through various games and singing before the musical content can be introduced to them.  She believes that everyone can sing, as long as they are being taught of a good vocal technique.

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