Vocal Lessons

Right vocal techniques are essential when comes to singing. No matter what language or genre you are singing, to be able to project your voice healthily and pitch correctly is very important.  In our studio, we specialise in teaching the IVA technique, to allow singers to sing in a free and natural way, smooth from the bottom to the top of their range, without abrupt change in their voice.  Click here to read more about IVA.

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Private Lessons

For the fact that everyone’s voice is unique, private vocal lessons are the most efficient voice education a person could have when learning singing. We give customised vocal exercises for you, so that you could gain most benefits for your voice, rather than a cookie cutter class.

What you’ll learn:

For Beginners:

  • Pitch accuracy
  • Chest voice, head voice, mix voice
  • Connecting entire range
  • Voice projection
  • Sing songs with less strain

For Experienced Singers:

  • Range widening and strengthening
  • Gain control of own voice
  • Pitch sustain with Vibrato
  • Song dynamics training & application
  • Stylistic choices

Are online voice lessons effective?

Many singers and artists around the world make use of online programmes such as Skype or Zoom to have vocal training, even before the COVID19 pandemic.  Our studios are equipped with both Skype and Zoom to teach both local and overseas students.  Both Skype and Zoom are free programmes / applications that can be used to make video phone calls anywhere in the world, so long as you have a stable high-speed internet connection and a decent microphone.  If you’re staying far away from our studios, or just for the COVID season, choose to have your vocal training done online!

You will need:

  • A stable high speed internet/fibre broadband connection
  • A Skype / Zoom account
  • 1 Device with Skype and/or Zoom downloaded and tested
  • 1 Device to record lesson / pull out music for song application
  • A good microphone (built-in / external)
  • Earphones (optional)

(*Note: Due to the one-way-traffic sound transmission on Skype/Zoom, online lessons may not be suitable for students who need help to sing in tune.)

Locations and Rates

We offer both in-person** and online 1-to-1 private vocal lessons and packages at various locations. Teacher Alice teaches at both Jurong and Lavender, and teacher Serene teaches at Kembangan.


Trial / A-La-Carte Vocal Lessons

Vocal Teacher Location(s) Lesson Duration Fees (SGD)
Senior Teacher:

Serene Low

Online or In-person at Kembangan ½ hour $60
1 hour $120
Mentor Teacher:

Alice Wong

Online or In-person at Jurong / Lavender ½ hour $85
1 hour $170

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Vocal Packages

These are designed for students who wish to have regular lessons with us, at discounted rates.

Vocal Teacher Package Type Fees (SGD)
Senior Teacher:

Serene Low

2-Hour Package $220

(Save $20!)

4-Hour Package $430

(Save $50!)

Mentor Teacher:

Alice Wong

2-Hour Package $319

(Save $21!)

4-Hour Package $609

(Save $71!)

10-Hour Package $1,439

(Save $261!)

*All vocal packages can be utilised for ½ or 1 hour vocal lessons, either online or in-person. 2-Hour packages are valid for 3 months, 4-Hour packages are valid for 6 months, and 10-Hour are valid for 1 year, from date of purchase.  Incomplete hours will be forfeited.  All studio policies apply.

**All in-person lessons shall be dependent on government rules & regulations during COVID seasons.  If in-person lessons are not allowed by regulations, lessons shall be shifted online. 

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Voice Lessons

Find out more about the other voice lessons we offer in our studio.

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